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Message par jackie_nick » 20 nov. 2009, 17:04

We are new members to this site. We visit Normandy for birdwatching regularly but never know where we can/should post any sightings we have.
For example on our last visit at the end of October we went to Pointe de Brevands and on 30th October we saw and photographed a Sacred Ibis (Ibis Sacre) as we drove down to the pointe on the side of one of the pools close to the road. About an hour later when we drove back it had gone.

We did not know if this was of interest to anyone and whether you welcome photographs on the forum? We have birded in this area of Normandy for about 15 years now and never seen this species here before though we saw them in Brittany this summer, where they breed of course.

Jackie & Nick

Robin Rundle
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Re: Sightings

Message par Robin Rundle » 13 janv. 2010, 16:09

Dear Jackie and Nick,

Firstly, I must apologise for not replying earlier to your message. I set up the English language option, but you are the first to take advantage of it, so I stopped checking!

Yes, we know about the sacred Ibis, and don't really appreciate them being here! However, we would welcome your various sightings when you are in Normandy, photos as well.
If you wish, you could download the RSS file from the téléchargement page, and send your observations in when you feel like it.
We hope you enjoy your visits and find the birding interesting!
Best wishes,

Robin Rundle


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